Custodian Of Medical Records for UK Psych

Your Patient Files

Morgan Records Management is now overseeing patient records custodianship and releases. Please know that patient confidentiality is always a priority. Patient releases will be handled respectfully and in accordance with HIPAA regulations.


Medical records may only be released directly to former patients themselves, without exception. All other entities must contact the patient to have them obtain their own medical records directly

Dear Patients,

​As you may already know, Dr. Katrina Maria Crader passed away on June 4, 2021. It has been a great pleasure for Dr. Crader and the staff of UK Psych to have provided your mental health care needs over the years, and it is not easy for our family to give up this practice legacy on behalf of Dr. Crader.

We are all at a loss from the passing of Dr. Crader and understand that changing your physician may be stressful. On behalf of the late Dr. Crader and our family, we encourage you to seek continuity by accessing the information here to locate a replacement physician. I thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years and best wishes for your future health.

Rattana Crader
Special Administrator


After closing, your health records from this Practice will be transferred to Morgan Records Management, LLC (the “Records Custodian”). The Records Custodian will continue to maintain your records in accordance with applicable confidentiality and security standards and with other applicable laws. Your records will be destroyed no less than seven years after the last date of services you received from this Practice.